High-performance RPC framework by Tencent

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What is TARS?

Tars is a high-performance RPC framework based on name service and Tars protocol,
also integrated administration platform, and implemented hosting-service via flexible schedule.
Has been using in Tencent for over 10 years.


TARS support C++,JAVA,PHP,NodeJS

Agile Development

Fast develop,automatic code generate,CI

Highly used

Automatically update new services, diaster and
fault tolerate,intellgent scheduling

Efficient Operation

Lossless update,Stereoscopic monitoring,
Visualized administration


Zeng Yu

Tencent VP

TARS solves the distributed computing problem fundamentally.For over 10 years, Tencent has gained rich experience from mass users. When facing mass users,we know how to distribute, balanced load and deal with the fault. TARS can save much R&D cost,and reduce accidents. TARS is more suitable for the Medium or large size private cloud users,which has a greater advantage.

Fu Xujun

Yuewen Group VP

Yuewen Group needs a distributed computing framework,a high performance RPC framework and microservice administration platform. After making a lot of technical framework models, we finally choose TARS. With continuous technical exchange and gradual framework evolution, the problems in service dixcovery, intelligent scheduling, load balancing, diaster and fault tolerance, 3D monitoring and visual operations have been solved. Yuewen Group has achieved great effects in technical framewook,consistent with our expectations. The R&D efficiency has been improved, the cost of operationa and maintenance have been significantly reduced,and stability of the overall system has also achieved excellent effects.

They're all using it
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